Chairman of the board Mr. Mustafa ACIKGOZ , at the same time , is “UND Vice President” and “Mersin Chamber of Maritime - Commitee President”

Our Chairman and our directors are representing our group adequately within the national and international organizations. In line with a win-win policy our group is doing its best to contribute and support local improvement as well as business development.

Mr.Acikgoz had an active role in Mersin Logistics School's foundation which is a part of Mersin University. Since this first step in the education field in 1999 our group is participating in educational development programs actively.

“Mersin Logistics Platform Membership” and “Mersin University Logistics Applications and Research Centre’s Advisory Board Membership” are the examples for these projects which our group has contributions.

Our Company will be contributing to the projects that we believe it will be good for the education and development of the young people.

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