Certificate of Origin
According to the principles adopted by GATT, there are similar origin rules applicable in member countries of World Trade Organisation. The countries need to know the origin of the goods during importation from each other, because during importation products are being subject to different transactions based on their origin. The certificates showing the origin of the goods in international trade are named Certificate of Origin. For the goods exported from Turkey, the companies and being endorsed by the Trade Chambers are issuing these certificates. Some countries require the Certificate of Origin to be endorsed by their consulates. If the goods to be imported to Turkey will be loaded at the port of a third country or at a free zone, then it is obligatory that the Certificate of Origin should be endorsed by the related Turkish Consulate.

Data required to be present on the Certificate of Origin are as follows:
   - Consignor - Consignee - The kind and features of the goods - Packing - Amount of Boxes - Marks on and numbers of the boxes
   - The net and gross weight of the goods - Unit price of the goods - Value of the Goods (FOB, CF, CFR, etc.) - The name of the vehicle the goods have been loaded and departure date
   - Loading port or loading site - If the goods are deemed to be in Turkish origin due to any modification in Turkey then explanations about this matter

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