Certificate of Quality
Upon application of the Technical Regulations and Standardisation Rules in Foreign Trade, conformity inspections are being performed in the importation of many industrial products to Turkey. The companies intending to import goods, which are subject to conformity inspections, have to evidence that these conform the standards adopted by TSE. These quality certificates are being issued through inspections performed by TSE on the samples before actual importation of the goods. The purpose of the tests and certification is to evidence that the goods to be imported do not have any hazardous affect on the human health, plants and animals, which are not hazardous on the environment and have no hazardous affect regarding security and public order. Moreover these are the opinion that this certificate is required for the protection of the consumers as well. Importation of goods that do not conform the standards is not permitted. 

Conformity certificate is required in the importation of many industrial products. These have been listed in a list enclosed to the Bulletin About Technical Regulations and Standardisation in Foreign Trade and these are regarded as goods importation of which are subject to compulsory standardisation. The importations of few textile and ready-to wear products are subject to compulsory standardisation. Cotton yarn, cotton corded velvet, hose, electric blankets are the most important items. Moreover importation of many colorants and chemicals used in textile industry are subject to standardisation.

Conformity certificates are not required in the importation of companies which already have TS-ISO-9000 Certificates, AQAP, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises) Certificate or Sufficient Production Certificate. Moreover conformity certificates are not required for goods which are temporarily imported to Turkey according to the process permission certificates and which will be re-exported after processing.
It is required that the companies intending to import any products, should first check whether these products are subject to the compulsory standard inspection, and if so, to check the standards of TSE in regard to the related products and thus to check whether they may face any difficulties during importation.

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